The Middle Kingdom

Session 17

The Devilblood Mountains

• The party regrouped, got a map of Maleen, got some tips and advice to RETRAIN A BIT, and pushed on from the Fighter’s Guild north towards Castle Sword. They got another RW report on the way – all good news. They then told the RW to go and reinforce the Fighter’s Guild, as a thanks for their hospitality.
• They then reached Castle Sword soon enough – a large star fort with a sword shaped tower in the centre. The party were escorted to Robert Hardhammer, the castellan, who welcomed them warmly and paid them handsomely for their efforts, along with some tips for their prowess in the Battle of Breach. He then asked them to perform a task.
• When they pushed into the Devilblood mountains to make for the path leading to Maleen, they would pass through a mountain way which was often snowed in/iced up/overrun by bandits and monsters. Because of this Maleen & the Middle Kingdom had established sophisticated and valuable magical beacons on the mountain path, but these had gone dark and no scouts had returned… the party were asked to do a short diversion to check it out.
• They agreed, rested up, trained up more, and set out. They reached the Devilblood mountains without incident (with Malaggar on his new horse, Susan), and cautiously moved into the narrow mountain pathways.
• After a short amount of time, in the driving snow, they found themselves on a VERY narrow pathway. Ahead, they heard voices on the wind – Malaggar’s raven imbued with animal intelligence reported a group of Tieflings who had blocked the road and were talking about robbing and skinning travellers before “rejoining the boys up top”.
• The party dismounted, attaching Englebert to a rather nasty looking chain which Crixus held, and planned out their assault. Malaggar and Ehiko’tar scaled the mountain wall, and stealthed over to get the drop on them, while Crixus showed stunning tactical variety by charging right in. The Tieflings had a horde of witherling bone golems and there were a few of the tieflings about as well.
• Crixus and Ehiko’tar led a stunning display of murder within the first 12 seconds of the fight. Crixus charged in, battering a female tiefling backwards into a tent, charging into the centre of the crowd, drawing them all in and smashing apart three witherlings. Ehiko’tar then bathed the area in enhanced fire, while Malaggar shot the shit out of the leader who tried to teleport to safety.
• After that it was almost a joke. Another Tiefling tried frantically to escape, only to get pureed by Malaggar in a cloud of darkness. The final one tried to make a fight of it, but seeing Crixus, who was on fire, heal all his wounds effortlessly was too much – he surrendered.
• They looted, stripped the corpses and interrogated the survivor – Coilbone. He was relatively reasonable, just amazed they had spared his life. They healed his wounds, gave him some supplies, and told him to make for Castle Sword and then to join the Ravenwatch. They gave him a letter to help his passage.
• They then pushed on – Coilbone had informed them of his companions who had stolen the beacon and meant to detonate the mountain pass to make it completely blocked off! They rushed up the mountain path on Englebert’s Cart and Susan, locating the tieflings easily. Malaggar stealthed like a pro, forgetting to check for traps and alerting the tieflings to their presence, and they began to gallop down the hill towards the detonators, releasing a massive Black Ooze as they did so!
• A cart chase followed. Malaggar rode wide, aiming to take out the Ooze with pinpoint shots, as it attempted to ram the cart – only to be stopped by Ehiko’tar’s iron hard magical shield. Crixus dismounted skilfully to engage the Ooze in mortal combat.
• Ehiko’tar gave chase to the enemy at the hands of her cart, smashing their wheels with a Skewering Spike. She was then the victim of an Infernal Teleport, being hurled into the enemy cart while the enemy took over theirs! Englebert was set on fire, with Malaggar wheeling Susan around to deal with the chap in command of their vehicle.
• Meanwhile Crixus was engulfed by the Black Ooze, which had split off 3 smaller oozes, and it began to melt him internally. This was not good news. Malaggar tried to help free him, instead killing the minions and severely injuring Crixus with an arrow. Crixus then lost consciousness.
• Ehiko’tar struggled with the female tiefling in the enemy cart, causing it to smash into a log, hurling them both face first onto the icy mountain path. Ehiko’tar recovered first, hurling her foe off of the side of the mountain with an Unseen Hand, as Malaggar began to do his famous “black cloud puree” on the other enemy.
• Crixus was in dire straits and about to die – Ehiko’tar chugged a potion of swiftness, sprinting back up the mountainside and using her drama cards to unleash a critical hitting Shock Sphere, blowing up the Ooze and freeing her companion.
• The group recovered and reset the beacon, sending off the news to Castle Sword, before getting a good night’s sleep – Maleen was just around the corner!



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